Board of European Students of Technology


Like you, we are students full of energy and ideas, who wanted to make the most of their free time. Together with European students from the technical field, but not only, to whom we are linked by the vision about education and the passion for successful projects, we form BEST.

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Events organised by BEST Timisoara

Among the largest cultural exchange programs in Europe, BEST seasonal courses are the reason why thousands of students visit Europe every year. They have the chance to learn interesting things from different fields and make friends from all over the world. You can be one of them!

BTW it is an event which consists from training sessions on different themes dedicated to the students from Timisoara. These are focused on soft skills but also on hard skills, such that the students can choose in order from their preference.

A competition which it has as purpose the projecting of a controled car. The students will get the electrical part, being challenged to project the pieces of the car in a CAD program. The final probe consists from a trail with obstacles which the car has to go through till the end.

BEST is recruiting!

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Nothing is compared with the life of student: you have energy, all the time from the world and you have the motivation do the things well.
If you want to get involved in projects which are not bringing you satisfaction, but also unique experiences, become a volunteer in BEST,