Who are we?

BEST was founded in Berlin in March 1989 in response to the need to encourage communication, co-operation and cultural exchange between students from technical faculties across Europe. Since then, BEST has developed rapidly, both in terms of number of members and number of projects. In Romania, BEST first appeared in Timisoara in 1991, succeeding from the very beginning in promoting the European spirit and encouraging communication and working in a multicultural environment through the events it organizes, academic courses, engineering competitions and educational symposiums. All this represents the core activity of BEST Timişoara dedicated to the students of "Politehnica" University of Timişoara.

Viziunea noastră

Empowered diversity

People understand and respect different civilizations and cultures. The environment encouraged by our vision supports the world in an attempt to give the best and behave responsibly.


Misiunea noastră

Developing students

BEST helps students develop a global mentality, understand cultures and societies around the world, and learn the ability to work in multicultural environments. BEST is an opportunity for students to develop professionally and support to make the most of their potential.


Spiritul BEST

The BEST spirit is the inspiration of all our actions.


We aspire to the ability to change things and deal with change. We are open to anything new. We value and develop the ability to be mobile and respond promptly to the changes around us or to any obstacle we face.


We build relationships in which people help each other, leverage each other and care about each other. We value our good personal and teamwork. We focus on every man involved in our work, and thus ensure a harmony.


We like everything we do. We keep on the positive emotions of the people involved in our work. We try to make events to the liking of everyone involved. We work with passion and want to share it with others.


We are pursuing the continuous growth of standards in everything we do. We use all our creativity to develop our way of working. In this way, we have the guarantee of the constant evolution of our work.


We acquire skills and understanding through experience. We value everything we learn from the experience of being involved in our work and we hope to learn as much as possible from all our work. We encourage an open learning community, where we have the freedom to share and develop ideas.


Poziția noastră

BEST is a non-profit, non-partisan, apolitical and international volunteer association dedicated to European students of technical faculties.

We do everything at our own initiative.

We are politcal neutral.

We don't want to make profit from our activities.

We don't represent anyone.

We are actively in Europe.

We represent the students with technical profile from Europe.

Activitățile noastre

    • Base activities
    • We offer complementary education
    • We add a plus to the education offered by the university

    • Another activites
    • We offer carrer support
    • We connect the students with employers

    • We increase the involvement in education
    • We increase student awareness of engineering issues and improve engineering education based on their opiates.


E-mail: denis.pintilie@best.eu.org
Tel: +40 749 898 503

~Vice-President HR~

E-mail: vascan.tudor@best.eu.org
Tel: +40 758 317 766


E-mail: diana.kovacs@best.eu.org
Tel: +40 770 276 496

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