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We put an effort into improving the student life. We don’t expect profit out of our actions.

 We take pride in our work and enjoy every single bit of what we do.

BEST Spirit

BEST Spirit is the inspiration for all our actions

Our priority is to offer high quality services for students all over Europe. Thus, we manage to bring all the partners in the “student – company – university” triangle closer.

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Our values


We seek the ability to make

changes and deal with

 changing conditions.


We enjoy everything we

 do. We value positive 

   emotions of the people.





We build relationships in

  which people help, support

 and care for one another.


We strive to continuously 

improve the standards in 

everything we do.


We gain skills and 

understanding through 



Vision – Empowered diversity

People understand and respect different cultures and societies. The environment of empowered diversity supports people in applying their full potential and acting responsibly.

Mission- Developing students

EST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments.

BEST Courses


Throughout the whole year BEST organises different activities where students of technology from member universities get the chance to complement their fields of study, discuss educational matters, learn and take their first steps into an international career, increase their international experience, set up contacts, improve their English level and have fun.

BEST Course On Technology
A BEST Course on Technology aims at increasing and widening the professional
knowledge of the participant in a certain field of technology about modern technical applications of technology and the latest research achievements.

  • Complement Your Knowledge In Different Fields Of Study
  • Visit Companies,
  • Industrial Plants And
  • Research Centres
  • Take Part In Case Studies
  • Follow Interesting Classes Covering Many Different Technology -Fields, Economics, Marketing And Management
  • Receive ECTS Credits In Recognised Courses

BEST Timisoara Events

We organise every year local events for students from Timisoara.

BTW is an event which consists from training sessions on different themes dedicated to the students from Timisoara. These are focused on soft skills but also on hard skills, such that the students can choose in order from their preference.


A competition which it has as purpose the projecting of a controled car. The students will get the electrical part, being challenged to project the pieces of the car in a CAD program. The final probe consists from a trail with obstacles which the car has to go through till the end.


The purpose of this event is to help students to discover, in the first phase, what profession suits them best and, then how exactly will they be able to get what they want. This way they will make the first steps towards a career that is align their interests and personality.


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